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Maintenance Package


FIRST PARTY shall maintain the Elevator equipment, on the following terms and conditions:

Technically trained, skilled, qualified personnel shall be deployed to inspect, service, repair, and maintain the equipment. And the person/persons so deployed will exercise all reasonable care to maintain the Equipment in proper and safe operating condition.
Provide periodical maintenance in accordance with our planned programmed maintenance schedule based on the age/model of the elevators.
To provide suitable lubricants compound to our rigid specifications
Clean machine rooms, internal ledges, sills and elevator pits other than waste that constitutes a health hazard or undue accumulation of excessive rubbish.
To replace guide shoe Gibbs, when necessary to ensure smooth and quiet operation and except where roller guides are used, to keep the guide rails properly lubricated.
Clean, lubricate, adjust and check the lift for safe, reliable and optimum performance

(a) STEVEN will provide emergency minor adjustment CALL-BACK service at no extra charge under this agreement. This CALL-BACK service will be extended 24 hours on all working days as well as holidays for elevators located in cities/towns where STEVEN has a service centre.

All spares will be replaced free of cost. Replacement of all parts excluding battery, monthly service & maintenance to be done.

Carry out regular safety checks as required and assigned by the service department

We will systematically examine, lubricate, adjust, repair or replace the following equipment:
Machines, worms, gears, thrust bearings, drive sheaves, drive sheave shaft bearings, brake pulleys, brake coils, contacts, linings and component parts;

Battery Not Covered For Comprehensive Maintenance Contract.
Motors and motor windings, rotating elements, commutations, brushes, brush holders and bearings;
Controllers, switches, contractors, relays, solid state and electronic components, transducers, resistors, condensers, power amplifiers, transformers, contacts, timing devices, computer and microcomputer devices, mechanical and electrical driving equipment, lamps, buttons, signals, emergency operator battery device and position indicating equipment
Governors, governor sheave and shaft assemblies, bearings, switches and governor jaws, deflectors or secondary sheaves and bearings, car and counterweight buffers, car and counterweight guide rails, hoist way limit switches, governor tension sheave assemblies, compensating sheave assemblies, car and counterweight guide shoes including rollers or gibes
Hoist way door inter locks and hangers, door guides and auxiliary door closing devices
Door operators, car door hangers, car door contacts, door protective devices, load weighing equipment, car frames, car safety mechanisms
Travelling conductor cables and hoist way and machine room wiring as required.

It is expressly agreed that the following components and service are not included in this agreement:
The building structure, including but not limited to the elevator wells, pits, support walls, slabs, floors, machine rooms, and access ways;
the car enclosure including fixed and removable panels, the car platform, door panels, plenum chambers, light diffusers, light fittings including globes or tubes, other architectural features and accessories, hung ceilings, handrails, mirrors and floor coverings and emergency device batteries;
Any maintenance, repairs or servicing necessary because of consequences of any water penetration, building compression or movement;
Cleaning of areas not directly in the machine rooms, hoist ways or for removal of dust and rubbish emanating from outside of this area.
Repair of any damage resulting from vandalism, abuse, misuse or theft; the power supply mains, and associated mains switching from the supply side of the machine room isolating switch or to the machine room circuit breaker, or any maintenance or repairs required because of an error, defect or fault in such power supply, main or switches. Machine room ventilation equipment and lighting, elevator shaft lighting, tubes, globes and fittings or fire protection equipment. modification or alteration to the Equipment required as a result of any lawful directive from any Government authority or agency, changes in any law, regulation code or by-law.
Communication, audio and security equipment unless specifically included under this agreement.

To obtain necessary and periodic inspection reports, approvals, as and when required from the electrical/lift inspectorate or under any other Acts/statutes or any other authorities and to comply with various rules, regulations and orders of government agencies, if applicable for the maintenance and operation of the equipment and all related expenses in this regard will be borne by the SECOND PARTY.
Renewals or repairs necessitated by reason of negligence or misuse of the equipment or any other cause beyond FIRST PARTY control except ordinary wear and tear.

The SECOND PARTY shall provide the machine room with adequate lighting, cooling, moisture control, and/or ventilation as may be required in the judgment of the first party to assist its men in providing the work set out hereunder and enhancing the effective operation of the equipment.
To supply and install suitably rated voltage stabilizer in the lift machine room for the elevator, to accommodate voltage fluctuations beyond +5% or -10% of the equipments rated voltage.

(a) If any unit is malfunctioning the SECOND PARTY should immediately notify FIRST PARTY and until, FIRST PARTY rectifies the problem, SECOND PARTY should agree to remove the unit from service and take all possible precautions to prevent its access or use.

(a) In the interest of safety of the equipment and its users the SECOND PARTY shall not irect or permit the repair, alteration, replacement, adjustment or any interference with any of THE EQUIPMENT or any part thereof, of any items specified herein, by any person or organization
(b) Other than FIRST PARTY, its employees or contractors, without FIRST PARTY’s prior written consent and such consent will not be unreasonably withheld by the FIRST PARTY.

(a) FIRST PARTY may, for fulfilling its work such as inspection or repair with respect to the location, shutdown the unit/s concerned as may be necessary to do so.

(a) In the event that a part, such as component part, has been replaced or removed from the unit/s in the course of fulfilling any work pursuant to this contract, FIRST PARTY shall be entitled to the ownership of such removed part, and shall dispose of such removed part on the responsibility of FIRST PARTY and as required by applicable laws and regulations.
This proposal, when accepted by the SECOND PARTY and approved by the FIRST PARTY’S Authorized Official shall constitute the contract between us, and all prior representation or agreements not incorporated herein are superseded.

(a) All work and services provided for in this contract are to be performed during normal working hours on normal working days. Additional costs incurred in carrying out work outside such times will be charged as extra for the overtime premium hours.

(a)STEVEN reserves the right to charge the customer for CALL BACKS) inclusive of nuisance call backs) when such call backs are the result of negligence or misuse of the equipment or by reason of any cause which is beyond STEVEN control.

FIRST PARTY Customer Care Centre is a 24/7 helpdesk for reporting technical failures and faults in the elevators or for requests of other assistance on site. FIRST PARTY Customer care centre can be easily accessed through

CUSTOMER CARE NO: 9952097143/9514484383

(a) The Price is exclusive of all Duties, Taxes and Levies and these shall be charged extra at the rates prevailing at the time of billing.

(a) The price given in this contract will be firm for contracted period of 12 months and subject to revision every following year.

(a) It is agreed that the control and possession of any part of the equipment vests with the SECOND PARTY exclusively and FIRST PARTY does not assume or accept possession for management of any part of the equipment

(a)FIRST PARTY shall be entitled to terminate this contract under the following circumstances
(b)Where the legal and beneficial ownership of the building has changed

THE SECOND PARTY shall be entitled to terminate this contract forthwith by giving FIRST PARTY (60) day’s notice in writing either of the following events and FIRST PARTY’S responsibilities and entitlements under this contract shall cease forthwith
Where the building is vacated.
Where THE SECOND PARTY furnishes proof that there has been a change in the legal beneficial ownership of the building.

The contract shall be deemed to be concluded at CHENNAI, India and only Courts in this place shall have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute what so ever.
The contract is subject to the provisions of the Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 and any modifications thereof.

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